Making Local Businesses Thrive: George Business Chamber

In a place like George, the smaller local businesses are what keep the economy- as well as the community- healthy. It can be very difficult for a new business to find its feet! With larger franchises, one can get into the habit of going someplace well-known rather than supporting the smaller guys in the area. The bigger places may seem cheaper and more convenient…but in the long run we’re hurting our towns economy more by saving our back pockets a rand or two. How can our smaller businesses get out there, and is there any way to help them more to get to the place they need to be?



Our team at Diskonto has joined the local George Business Chamber- an awesome platform for local businesses to get out there! We especially love the exposure George Business Chamber gives, not only our business, but other local businesses as well. We’re given the opportunity to connect with other businesses in a great environment. We learn so much more about other businesses, as they’re each given the opportunity to tell the Chamber more about what they do. We meet a lot of new people , and discover so much more about our community!

Morning Markets

The Business Chamber uses it’s morning markets to give businesses a platform to tell the group exactly what they’re all about. The morning markets are generally kept smaller, which is great as the members attending then have an opportunity to learn more specific details of the various businesses, which means more exposure. This is a great opportunity as well for the businesses attending to hand out business cards as well as corporate gifts!

Evening markets

This is a sociable event, where businesses get to mingle and meet other people in a more relaxed environment in order to build relationships. After all, that is what networking is all about- building relationships with and getting to know about one another in business- while letting others know about you as well!

For us personally, we love the George Business Chamber! We’ve learnt so much more about our community, and have come to value and appreciate other smaller businesses so much more! Perhaps this could be the place for you. For more information on the George Business Chamber, you can visit their website at Let’s build up our local businesses!

Find out more!

For more info on the George business chamber, and all they’re doing in our community- follow them on facebook at George Business Chamber


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Cell: 083 303 7801
Fax: 086 544 6998

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