School Stationery Packs- We go the extra mile for your convenience!

It’s the end of the year, and you breathe a sigh of relief when you can finally take a bit of a break from- not only work- but your kids activities as well! But just when you think you can finally relax, your child hands you an elaborate list of stationery that you’re meant to assemble for the year to come. You toy with the idea of leaving it until last minute…but you remember the mad rush of the shops just before school reopened last year. Shops filled with parents that were all in a crazed frenzy, because they’d- once again- procrastinated this task until the week before the schools reopened. And you think to yourself- I’m SO not doing that again!

Luckily, you don’t have to! We at Diskonto Stationers, saw a need for this in the market. Far too many parents were feeling despondent and frankly irritated at having to shop around to find everything needed on the lists, at reasonable prices. Well, no need to shop around anymore!

How it works

Every year, we collect the school stationery lists from the schools that participate in our School Pack Program in the George area, and put it in our system. We then preassemble the packs, and allocate special Back to School prices on the products- to save you money! All you need to do is contact us to order the pack specific to your child’s school, grade and gender (for products, e.g. the colour of the ruler in the pack, that might be gender specific). We will then put the pack aside for you to collect! It’s that simple.

What if you don’t have my list?

We have the lists of most of the schools in the area, but if we happen to not have your ¬†particular school pack, we will specially preassemble it for you, so that you don’t have to. Now if that’s not service with a smile…I don’t know what is!

What about Grade 10 -12, where the subjects may vary?

From Grades 10 – 12, school packs do become a bit more complicated, as the students choose their own subjects and will then each have a slightly different list. If this is the case for you, don’t worry! All you will need to do is include the list of your child’s chosen subjects. We will put the items together for you, and save you the hassle of trying to figure it out! We’ve got you.

Check out this video on our school packs!

So when school holidays roll around at the end of this year, pop us an email with your order- and roll yourself down to the beach and sip on Margaritas! You deserve the break!

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