Separation Anxiety: First Day of School

That day has finally come around. Well, I say finally- but we all know it appeared out of nowhere as if your child’s life is in fast forward- and there’s no way to slow this rollercoaster down! Your child may be ready for this day, but what about you? Separation is often much harder for the parent, and yet we’re expected to be the strong pillars in these situations. How can you do that, when all you want to do is swaddle your little one in your arms and demand that they stop this ridiculous nonsense! STOP GROWING! How can we overcome this difficult feat, that we call “Separation Anxiety”? Here are some tips to help you AND your child get through the day- not necessarily without tears, but at the very least you will survive!

Before school

Have everything ready and prepared before the first day of school arrives. This will help you mentally process that this is really happening. It will also get your child excited about the day, and will hopefully mean your child will go there with a big smile (which seriously helps…because we all know if they cry, we inevitably will too…)

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Get familiar

Visit the schools open day, in order to familiarize your child with the space- and introduce your child to his/her teacher! Too much new information on the day can be so overwhelming. Give yourself peace of mind by familiarising your child with some of the things he/she can expect to see on their first day. This will really take a load off!

Find out what the school schedule is. What time does it start, what activities will they do, when will they have a break/lunch time, etc. Tell your child all about what they will be doing- get them excited for this new adventure!

The big day

The day has now arrived. Keep yourself composed! Reintroduce your child to the teacher with, “Jannie, you remember Miss Stacy?”. They will remember that they’ve met their teacher before! They’ve seen this classroom before! They’re safe, in a familiar environment with a familiar person.

Say goodbye!

Out of fear for the tears that may come, parents often try to slip away without saying goodbye. Resist the urge to make a quick escape! Choosing to not say goodbye could break your child’s trust in you. It may be hard, but it’s important to let your child give you a hug, and that you let them know you will be back to get them again.

Don’t drag it out

Don’t stick around too long. The longer you linger, the more your child will think that you’re afraid to leave them here. Get your child quickly involved in an activity. Be cheerful, make a joke, pull a funny face, and wave goodbye with ease! Remember, the more calm and assured you are- the more confident your child will be.

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Our team at Diskonto Stationers wishes you all the best with your first day of school, 2019!


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