WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?? A question for our employers.

Have you ever wondered what your employer wants from you as an employee? Sometimes it feels like you do your very best to please, and somehow it never seems to make them happy! We’ve taken this topic to the owner of Diskonto Stationers. We wanted to know…what do you want from us?? What do you, as well as other employers, expect from your employees, right from the first impression to the long term? What makes you say, “Now there’s a keeper!”?


As a business owner I have invested my time, energy, money and passion into my business. My business is my baby, something that I have tended since the take over and watched it grow under my care. I am, however, aware that I cannot do it alone! Our greatest assets are our staff, and with a good team a business will flourish.


Over my 15 years of running Diskonto Stationers I have had many experiences with staff, good and bad. I feel strongly that we need to train up a future generation of youngsters that need to make their mark in a tough world! Most of the characteristics that I will mention, is what we call “soft skills”, and is not linked to a Diploma or degree, but rather to a willingness to learn and grow.

  • No university can teach you a good, positive attitude! A positive attitude will make you a helpful asset to any team. You will always see the positive and be a problem solver – not a problem moaner. Moaners are the surest way to deflate any team.
  • Be on time. Punctuality is critical in any field. Punctuality is discipline, and a trait to be admired. Never be late for an interview, a first impression will set the trend for your season of employment at this job.
  • Be honest. Taking ownership and responsibility for your errors will command respect from your colleagues and superiors. After you take ownership, find a solution and make it right.
  • I can work with a willing spirit – and skills can always be taught. I would rather have a friendly, honest, motivated individual with a grade 10, than a well-educated person that thinks they are better than everyone else. A teachable spirit is an asset to any company.
  • Common sense. Starting a new job can be so overwhelming, and you may feel like you have no idea what is going on half of the time. If you aren’t sure of what to do, try and navigate your way with logical thinking. Work on your critical thinking, and how to find solutions
  • Practice good communication and conflict management
  • Always make it your mission to become a better you – don’t stagnate but work on growing yourself in all areas.

Practical tips:


  • Be a team player – get to know your strengths and weaknesses so that you can work with your employer and grow into the correct position where you will thrive, and not become frustrated.
  • Make sure your computer skills are up to speed! Excel, MS Word, and emailing are all necessary. Some hardware skills are also favourable, especially if there are networks and printers involved – your boss will love you if you can take care of technical problems at no extra cost to them!
  • Spelling and letter writing! When clients or suppliers receive an email, as an employer I would want them to receive something professional. It leaves a good impression of my company with them. It may seem like an ancient art but is rather simple. If you aren’t sure how to compose a good professional email, there are so many ways to learn that are FREE and readily available. Try some free online courses! There really is no excuse with Udemy and Youtube around to type a decent format letter with correct spelling and punctuation.
  • Understand the ins and outs of a business. I want my staff to be a part of and invested in the business rather than wallflowers.
  • Understand customer service – this is essential in any line of business. I did a Customer Excellence course on Alison, and it was free, but I learnt so many helpful tools on the course. These things only cost you willingness and a bit of time.
  • Last, but not least – show your employer that you truly have the businesses best interest at heart – small things like going the extra mile when not asked, and not being afraid to share new ideas really will make you stand out in the crowd.


The Diskonto team wishes you well for your future careers and job hunting. We have all had to start somewhere and grow – this is the most helpful picture a coach once showed me:


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