6 Musts When Creating a CV

How often do you feel like you’ve dropped off your cv someplace, only for the receptionist to shove it in the drawer to gather up dust- never to resurface? What are some ways you can put a CV together that DEMANDS the attention of the front office? A CV that will entice them to want to see more? Here are some handy tips to put together a CV that they will never forget!

  1. Keep it short. Even two pages long is considered too long for a CV these days. The shorter and the simpler- the better.
  2. Eye catching. A CV with a good design, rather than just plain back and white print, will catch the eye of the recruiters rather than overlook your CV/toss it aside. Follow the following link to see and download great one-page CV templates! One Page Resume Templates
  3. Keep it simple. Your CV needs to have a simple font and layout to ensure the employer keeps reading. The easier it is to read, the better. You don’t want to have to make the employer feel like he needs to open up an investigation to find out who you are and what you have to offer. You want to have the information presented there plainly for him to see!
  4. Check and check again! Make sure that your CV is error free. Spelling mistakes make a very bad first impression, and a misspelled email address could be detrimental to you getting the job.
  5. Stay current. Keep your information updated! Handing in an old CV is so unprofessional. Make sure that you have your most recent updated information included.
  6. Stay relevant. If you are applying for a job in law, the employer will likely not be interested in your experience on the squash courts. Only include the information that is relevant to the job, and what may spike the employers own interests.


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