10 Fun TV FREE Activities for This Holiday

It’s nearly holidays again! What on earth can we do to keep our little ones busy? We’ve put together 10 fun TV free activities, to make your children’s holiday a fun and creative experience!

1) Build a fort! This simple fun game is so much more than building a kiddie sized tent. It gives our children the opportunity to practice their engineering skills, as well as give them a chance to have some imaginative play!



2) Snow painting. This technique is simple but gives a painting time a creative twist! Let your child paint a scenic picture, and when it’s complete- sprinkle some salt over it for a snowy effect!

3) Playdough. Working with playdough is so good for our kids fine motor control. Rolling, squeezing and creating with all different colours!





4) Bake cookies. Click here for a free PDF download of our eggless jam cookies! EGGLESS JAM COOKIES

5) Paper plate crafts. Check out some of these fun paper plate craft ideas.

6) DIY laser maze. Your kids can be stealthy ninjas, with this fun activity. They’re bound to love it.

7) Colouring in fun. Check out the following link for fun colouring picture ideas! Coloring pages for your toddler

8) Threading. This activity is so good for strengthening our children’s little fingers. It will work on their fine motor control, as well as their concentration!






9) Origami bookmark. Check out the following link for a free print out of a template for these fun origami bookmarks!  Origami bookmarks






10) Colour Target Practice. Get creative with your toddler and try this great game that will your child busy for hours! Toddler colour target practice

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