MAKE YOUR MARK- 8 Fun Crafts With the Pintor Marker!

This fantastic product- the Pilot Pintor marker- can write on ANYTHING! Are you looking for craft ideas for yourself, or even perhaps some ideas to keep your kids busy for the last few days of these holidays? Why not get creative with the fantastic Pilot Pintor markers??


  1. Doll up your jewelry box
    Because these great markers can write on ANY surface, wood will not be a problem! Just look how effective the colours are on this project! Definitely a great idea to give a go!
  2. Colour your shoes…
    It’s always fun to make your own personalised pair of shoes- and the Pintor Marker is the PERFECT marker for the project! NO bleeding of colours, and permanent- so you don’t have to worry about any elements when showing off your shoes outside!
  3. Breathe new life into old instruments…or new ones
    For all the musicians out there…don’t throw out that old guitar- and can decorate it and hang it up as a momento! Or, if you’re feeling daring- make your current instrument your own and decorate it! Make your mark!

  4. Customise your hangers. Maybe you have a wedding coming up…and would like to have customised hangers for the big day. Or maybe you’re looking for a different, artsy decoration to have for around the house. Why not try getting hold of an old wooden hanger- and customise it with our awesome Pintor markers?

  5. Doll up your flower vase. Are you wanting something different to display your pretty flowers in? Try taking a plain vase- and adding your own personal touch to it! And ofcourse, you don’t have to worry about what materials your vase is made up of- as the Pintor markers can work on ANY surface!

  6. Add some SUNSHINE to your rainy day! A rainy day doesn’t have to be too grey…add a splash of colour to your gumboots- and bring a ray of sunshine to your rainy days!

  7. Artsy tiles…do you have old spare tiles lying around at home? Why not create beautiful ornaments with them…to hang in your home! This is such a fun idea idea to do with the WHOLE family.

  8. Designer cutlery. Are you wanting something different for your dinner sets? Wow your guests and make your very own designer cutlery!

    Pintor markers are available now in our store- Diskonto Stationers! Why not pay us a visit, and try some of these fun crafts today???

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