5 Reasons to give your wife a Diskonto Voucher this Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is just around the corner, and let me guess…you have no idea what to get your gorgeous wife for this Mother’s day. So much could go wrong with a gift. At first you think, “Hey, my wife’s been saying for ages that we need a new vacuum cleaner. What a thoughtful gift idea!”. Then the day arrives, and you suddenly have no idea why your clothes are being thrown out the balcony. Let us tell you why a Diskonto gift voucher is the best idea for Mother’s day!

  1. She can choose what she likes!
    You can’t go wrong with a gift idea, if she’s the one choosing the gift – right?
  2. Women LOVE stationery.
    Have you seen a woman in a stationery shop??? She suddenly discovers the thousands of things that she had no idea she needed! From Journaling, to colour therapy, even gel pens! All these products have a strange way of drawing you in and getting you excited to do things from back when you were a child! If you don’t get it…don’t question it. Just give the woman what she wants!
  3. We have something for EVERYONE.
    If your wife is a teacher, she will find tons of great products in our store to use in her classroom! (stickers, desk accessories, chalk, posters, etc…). If your wife loves reading- we have stunning devotionals and inspirational books- as well as bibles! If your wife is artsy, we’ve got just the stuff for her! If she is a professional business woman, we have GREAT diaries, pens and planners for the office space! And if she is a decorator by nature, we have fantastic ornaments! I could go on, but to put it plainly- we’ve got it ALL!

  4. Women LOVE shopping.
    For this one, do yourself a favour and take care of the kids for an hour or two? Your wife deserves some child free shopping time!
  5. Save time- and stress!
    Instead of worrying about what to get her this year, and spending hours walking around shop to shop trying to find something, why not pop in to Diskonto and get a gift voucher. No hassle, quick and easy! You could even end the day off and take yourself for a beer. Make it two beers! That’s how much time you’ve saved, and you deserve a reward after making such a smart choice.

So really, it cannot be more obvious. A Diskonto Gift voucher is the BEST idea for this Mother’s day! Make a 5min stop at our shop today.

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