5 Memorable Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner! Goodness, this year is going by so quickly. Get the dad in your life something special and memorable this year! Check out some of these awesome gif ideas, all available at Diskonto Stationers!

  1. A Mug…
    A mug is an all time classic gift to buy for Father’s Day. We have mug’s with scripture verses available in both english and Afrikaans!

  2. Speak to your dad’s professional side! We have stunning and very practical executive folders to use for work. Some even have compartments specifically to hold your Ipad and Cellphone! Check it out. This is something your dad could really appreciate.

  3. We have some very stylish, fancy pens. Why not spoil your dad this Father’s day with a niche fancy pen? We have fancy ballpoint pens, and stunning fountain pens!

  4. Every dad needs a good cap! Check out these awesome baseball caps that we stock…

  5. Show your dad some love this Father’s Day! We have exquisite bibles and mens journals. The perfect gift!

    Did you like some of these gift ideas? Comment below, and tell us which was your favourite! And don’t forget to pay us a visit for your Father’s Day gift this year!

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