Creative Activities with Building Blocks!

Duplo building blocks are almost stock standard in every in terms of toys for a child. How many of us have hundreds lying around? And yet with all of these lying around, we still hear our little ones whining the two dreaded words…”I’m Booored!”. Well, we’ve put together some fun activities to do with these blocks! Let’s get innovative, and give some of them a go!

Counting with building blocks

For this simple activity I found 20 lego duplo blocks in various colours and wrote the numerals from 1-20 on the sides of them, using a permanent marker. On an opposing face of each one I drew the corresponding number of dots so that they could be counted to match the correct amount. Then we lay them out on the floor with the numbers showing and set the challenge to out them into a tall tower in the right order.

Other activities with these:

  • count them into blocks of 5 and then 10 and use to count in 5s or 10s (make more to reach 100)
  • build them horizontally and use them as a number line to count along with a counting stick, prop or finger
  • use them to find matching number bonds to make 10 and then 20
  • pick 2 blocks at random and put them next to each other to become and double digit number and read it
  • pick 2 blocks at random and add together the totals on their faces, using the dots to count

Your child will learn…

maths: recognising and naming numerals, counting up to 20, counting using 1:1 correspondence, ordering


Letters with building blocks

The importance of tactile learning was mentioned in our previous blog,  Montessori Tactile Learning  . This is a great activity to try with your child! Not only will it help your child learn his/her letters, but it will also give the creative parts of their brains a bit of a workout!


Spelling with building blocks

What a fun idea! Here’s how to make your very own spelling building blocks:

  1. Collect your blocks. Get your little helpers to help you select a few pieces!
  2. Sort the bricks.  The red bricks can be reserved for vowels, the smaller bricks (2 x 2) I used for short consonants, such as cmnv, etc.  And the 3 x 2 LEGO bricks for tall consonants (b, d, t, l,) or consonants with a “tail” (p, q, j, etc.)
  3. Write the letters on each brick.  Placed all the bumps facing to the right and write with a Pilot Pintor marker. We mentioned these in our previous blog, 8 fun crafts to make with a Pilot Pintor Marker. These are fantastic for writing on ANY surface and will not come off! You can make 3 of each vowel and common consonant and 2 of every other consonant. When all bricks are kept with the bumps facing to the right, the b, d, q, and g will not fit together if they are turned the wrong way, so it helps to limit letter confusion.  You could take it one step further and write all the b‘s on yellow blocks, the d‘s on light green, and the p‘s on white, just to solidify their differences.


Duplo Printing

What you’ll need:

Printing pads – we made ours out of plastic plates and a wad of folded paper towel, sponge would be better but we didn’t have any and it worked ok.
Paint – water it down a little if you need to. These are great to use! They come in fluorescent and glitter colours too!






Paper – the bigger the better. A big roll of white paper would be ideal!
A selection of Duplo (big Lego) blocks in various shapes and sizes.

What to do:

Press the duplo blocks into the paint and then onto the paper, it’s as simple as that!

Try out the different surfaces of each block – the top with it’s raised dots, the bottom has lines and open circles, and each side makes a different and interesting print.

Try out different sized and shaped blocks. We got some duplo car bases out and rolled them across the paper which was loads of fun. Turning the cars on their sides also made interesting prints of the wheel patterns.


Animal Mix Up

This activity can especially be great if you have a younger child that hasn’t started reading yet. It’s simple, and fun!


What you’ll need:

Building blocks

Double sided tape



Scissors. If you feel your little one is confident enough with scissors to help, these are great!



These awesome animal print-outs!
Animal Mix Up LEGOs.pdf

Optional: laminator.


Duplo Marble Maze

 This is by no means a new idea. The beauty of it is that the possibilities are endless! You can rearrange your maze in so many ways!



These ideas are so fun! I think I might try some of these myself.

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