Classroom Hacks Every Teacher Should Know

There are many ways to organise a classroom but may of them can end up costing a pretty penny! Often classroom décor and organising can end up coming out of the teachers own pocket, so the more cost effective the better! As the year goes on, much of the classroom space can end up becoming more and more disorganised- even with the expensive shelves that you may have had put in. We’ve put together some great classroom hacks that are both cost effective and should keep your classroom organised for longer without any hassles!

  • Classroom library

Get your kids inspired to read by opening your own little class library. Organise books by author in containers or shoe boxes that can be covered and have a returns box to avoid getting books muddled!

  • Posters

You may sit in a situation where you cannot always have all posters out during the year, as you aren’t necessarily focused on that topic for this term. Why not neatly store posters that aren’t in use for the moment, without rolling them or damaging them by using hangers and bulldog clips? This should keep them neatly and safely tucked away until next time!

  • Classroom duties

It’s so important to give our students an opportunity to have an assigned responsibility in the classroom- as it will allow for them to learn independence and prepare them for the real world! Here’s a fun and inexpensive way to do so and can be a fun craft to get the whole classroom to help with.

  • Odds and ends

Small bits and pieces of activities do tend to get muddled over time. Keep them separate and organised by labelling containers and stacking them! If containers are too expensive, you can never go wrong with a labelled and covered shoe box.

  • Shower caddy organiser

These can be relatively cheap from a house and home shop. Make distributing craft supplies to each workstation in the classroom simpler by keeping a few of these handy to take straight to the tables.

  • Teacher’s stationery

Use an old shoe organiser to organise your own stationery bits! These are usually very cheap and can be hung right behind your desk!

  • To do list

Do you find your weeks organising can get a bit out of hand? Why not give this a go! Laminate each days to do list and leave room for a few extras you may need to add. Use an old keyring to bind them together, and easily tick off your to do list with a whiteboard marker. You can then wipe it off for next time!

  • Dry rack organiser

Beat your desk clutter by using a dish drying rack! Simple, and cost effective!

  • Roll call using magnets

Keep track of where your students are by using a metal tray and a few magnets!

  • Organising pencils

Coloured pencils tend to be a bit of a nightmare in most classrooms. Why not save space and keep organised by cutting open milk bottles and hanging them on the walls with Velcro? Now that is virtually free to do!

  • Bulldog clips- an old classic

Print labels to put on your bulldog clips and keep organised! This is so simple, and easy to do!

  • Noise moderator

Now this one may not have much to do with keeping your classroom organised, but it certainly is a great way to keep some order! What a fun idea!

  • Damage free poster display

When we hang our posters, or our student’s projects with tacks- we tend to damage them! Here’s a fun and cost-effective way to hang them without any damage at all!


We hope you liked some of our ideas to keeping an organised classroom. Let us know what you think! What are some fun ways you keep your classroom organised??? Let us know in the comments below!


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