Giving Back to Our Teachers- creative and meaningful gifts for your teacher

The end of the school year is fast approaching. Our children are all either busy preparing for or writing exams, or rehearsing for school concerts, or running around in a frenzy with a thousand extra murals and events to close off this season. At the heart of all this chaos, we have our teachers- always keeping the ship running smoothly without question or complaint. We trust our teachers with our children, and throughout the year they become very dear to our children, as our children to do them. Truly, they do go above and beyond the minimum requirement- without expecting anything in return! Teaching is so much more than a job. It’s a calling. There is nothing we can really do to thank them enough for the extra mile they go for our children. For this reason, let’s try giving a meaningful gift as a thanks to them to end this year off! Here are some creative and meaningful gift ideas for your teacher.

Journal & Pen gift set

We have stunning journal and pen gift sets, at great prices! A teacher is always making notes and to do lists, and he or she can simply never have too many journals!









Go with a classic

Why not keep it simple, and send your teacher a basket of apples with a hand written note?

Dry Erase Markers

Teachers run out of whiteboard markers regularly, and you’ll be surprised how quickly they use up with all the writing they do with them! This thoughtful and useful gift will be so greatly appreciated!

Creative floral arrangement

Most of the time, teachers are responsible for their classroom decor. Something pretty like this creative floral arrangement could be just the thing to bring some extra colour to your teachers classroom!

Desk Calendar

You can never go wrong with a lovely desk calendar for your teacher. Keeping organised can be made so much simpler having one of these handy! Aren’t these calendars for 2020 stunning?

We also have beautiful wall calendars in stock for 2020!

Punny note book

How cute is this punny note book idea? Easy to make, and such a practical gift for any teacher!

Personalised pencil holder

Students are often losing their pencils, and needing random replacements during classes. Ask any primary school teacher, they’re sure to tell you about their little spare stash of pencils lying around in their drawer for such an occasion as these regular occurrences. Why not help them out and give them a few extra? Make it special by personalising the holder with their name! You may be surprised at how much they would appreciate this thoughtful gift idea.


Often teachers will put up their posters using push-pins on boards along their classroom. An extra stash of push-pins can be so useful to them, and can be made beautiful with a little card or ribbon.

Looking sharp

Sharpies are so great for projects, and are always so great to have in a classroom!

An energy drink, for some extra “vooma”

Let’s face it, by this point in the year- your teacher is probably exhausted! An energy drink might be just what he/she needs! What a fun idea.

Teaching doo-dads kit

There’s nothing quite as addictive as the fun little add ons for our stationery kits. Most teachers will tell you how much they love stationery! Spoil your teacher today with this amazing doo-dads kit. Lots of fun, addictive little doo-dads to brighten their day!

Something from everyone

This may be fun to get the whole class in on. Make a banner as a collective group and surprise your teacher with a fun thank you banner.

Our teachers mean so much to us. They give above and beyond what’s expected of them. Let’s give a little back to them!


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