Taking Care of Your Whole Self

School holidays have finally come to a close, and many parents across George are sighing a sigh of relief! Don’t get me wrong, we all love our kids. But the holidays can be exhausting running around after our kidos wracking our brains for ideas to keep them busy. Especially as parents, many of us forget to take care of ourselves as we are so focussed on meeting the busy demands of work and our children. Maybe it’s time to take some time to care for ourselves!

We are comprised of three parts: Body, Soul and Spirit. And each of these parts needs a little TLC from time to time! We need to maintain ourselves. Let’s take a deeper look into our three parts, and what we can do to maintain them…

Soul and Spirit

What is the difference between our Souls and our Spirits? Both are very similar, and are sometimes used interchangeably. The soul and the spirit are the two primary immaterial parts that Scripture ascribes to humanity. It can be confusing to attempt to discern the precise differences between the two. The spirit is the element in humanity that gives us the ability to have an intimate relationship with God. Whenever the word spirit is used, it refers to the immaterial part of humanity that “connects” with God, who Himself is spirit (John 4:24). The word soul can refer to both the immaterial and material aspects of humanity. Unlike human beings having a spirit, human beings are souls. Because we’ve found the two to e so similar, we can often maintain both doing the same things. Here are some ways to care for your Soul and Spirit…


Journaling is such a great way to look inwards and care for our spirits. If we know what’s going on inside, we can better maintain it!

Quiet time and meditation

Quiet time and meditation can be very hard to do at first, purely from a concentration point of view. The problem with our modern world, is that it’s always moving, always busy, always loud. When we try to switch off, it’s almost impossible to- because we don’t know how and it’s something we’re not used to! Sometimes when I try to have quiet time, I fall asleep within the first two minutes- purely because I’m so used to moving and keeping busy, that at the first opportunity for rest- my body snatches it up! This definitely means it’s time to practice more quiet time. Just try 10 minutes a day. There are amazing guided meditation soundtracks available on YouTube if you need a little guidance to start.


Fill your spirit with rich, spiritual readings. We spend way too much time staring at a TV screen. A TV screen does absolutely nothing for your spirit. If anything, it numbs your spirit! Take some time to rather read something meaningful, in the place of TV time.


Sometimes the best thing you can do for your spirit, is to play some music! Anything from worship music to peaceful classical music can do wonders for you. Keep the music that you listen to, empowering and uplifting. Sad breakup songs or intense angry rock music aren’t really the kind of songs we’re going for here…



What are some ways you like to maintain your soul and spirit? Everyone is different and enjoys different things! Let us know in the comments below.



We often forget the importance of taking care of the third part of ourselves- our bodies! Yes, our souls and spirits are important. But all three parts are connected, and each are equally important. Our bodies aren’t only important to maintain from an aesthetic point of view- but an emotional point of view as well! For this part of the blog, we decided to connect with Chantelle from Loving Hands. Loving Hands is based here in George, and anyone who’s been there knows it’s the best place to be! To find out more about Loving Hands- visit Chantelle’s business Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/pg/lovinghands.beauty/about/?ref=page_internal

Being in the line of work that Chantelle is, taking care of our body’s is a point that she can’t stress enough!

“We need to focus on our bodies. Our bodies need attention. As in what I do, relaxation, massages, pedicures, etc. We as humans get ‘skin hungry’. We need to be touched! Our bodies need physical touch and TLC.”


Go to our Facebook page , and enter our competition- and you can stand to a win a free pedicure compliments of Loving Hands! Winner to be announced 22nd Jan 2020


These three parts make up you- God’s Exquisite Creation! We need to take care of this Temple that God has made. Take some time these holidays to take care of your whole self!

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