About Us

In March 2004, we (Giel & Natalie van der Merwe) took the plunge to leave the busy city life in Johannesburg and settle down in the beautiful, family friendly town of George.

Diskonto was on the market, and we felt the call to buy this small stationery and Christian Bookstore.

Our journey has been tough, life-changing, with loads of growth and lots of mistakes. We started out with 2 staff members, and today we have a vibrant and dynamic team of 13.

It truly has been a family journey, and our children (photos right) are no strangers to packing stationery boxes, operating credit card machines, serving customers and watching their parents burn the lamp till late at night to reach targets! Lydia (pictured in blue dress) grew up amongst us unpacking boxes and learned how to crawl in the aisles at Diskonto! She now helps us like a pro over Back to School!

We have so many people to thank for the lessons’ learnt on this journey in the challenging world of retail.

My Dad, lovingly known as Oom Willie by our clients, worked with us growing the business out on the road and took care of our corporate clients’ needs. On the 25th October 2016 we celebrated his 80th Birthday, and he went on to retire a year later at a ripe age of 81.

We are so thankful and grateful for everything he helped us achieve for Diskonto.

Our Diskonto Family Our Diskonto Family
Giel & Natalie van der Merwe

Diskonto is owned by

Giel van der Merwe / Natalie van der Merwe

giel@diskonto.net | natalie@diskonto.net

Roelène Venter

General Manager

Roelène Venter


Our Shop Front Team

Vicky Rishworth

Shop Front Supervisor

Vicky Rishworth


Riëtte Reinecke

Shop Front Sales

Riëtte Reinecke


Merie Dale

Shop Front Assistant

Merie Dale


Olga Tom

Merchandising Assistant

Olga Tom


Our Corporate Care Team

Cyric Du Preez

Back office Supervisor

Cyric Du Preez


Jason Pretorious

Despatch and Back Office

Jason Pretorious


Lindi Diedericks


Lindi Diedericks


To enrich the lives of:

Our team (build up and provide for),

Customers (give hope with excellence and competitive pricing) and

Suppliers (build life-long relationships of integrity)

We take pride in learning and growing – not just in product knowledge, but also in the needs of our clients.

We know that children are the future generation… what an exciting prospect to journey with a child throughout their pre-school years into their tertiary education, and to watch them grow. As we journey with them let us take every opportunity to encourage and give hope for their future.

We have always stood fast to keeping our eyes open to the immediate need. We have partnered with several organisations that serve in our community and bring hope to children and their families in need.

Our Company Culture

We strive to be a strong unit giving inspiration to others through our committed service. We love our clients, and we sell stationery as a sideline! We base our dealings on the following values:

3 Values we offer our customers:

  • Peace of mind
  • Knowledgeable options
  • Feeling Valued

5 Values for our team

  • Knowing each other's value – and treating those we come into daily contact with as if they are gold
  • Bringing out the best in one another, by uplifting each other
  • Sticking together – even when we make mistakes
  • Under promise – over deliver, in other words: YOUR WORD IS YOUR WORD
  • Let your sorry’s change you Always LEARN = always GROWING

3 Values for our business

  • We care: For Each other, our clients, and suppliers
  • Others respect us for our strong ethics, precision and honesty in all our dealings
  • We know our products, and we seek solutions