All your notes and markings are precious in your Bible, and new Bibles are costly… Bring your precious memories to us for repair!

If your Bible is falling apart, we do Bible repairs at an affordable price. We promise that you will not even recognize your Bible after we are done with it. No more shame in going to church because of the way your Bible looks! We offer a variety of services to make your Bible look the best it can.

Tips for your Bible:

Never use Sellotape or packaging tape to fix pages – it yellows them with time – rather use Scotch Magic Tape

Have your Bible indexed to prevent dog ears (a service that we also offer)

Don’t leave pens or booklets in your Bible – it splits the spine over time

How it works with us:

Firstly, we cannot remove tape from pages… so binding cannot be guaranteed if there is tape on the inside margins of your pages.

We need a 5-8mm gap to work with on the inside margins of your Bible, so some notes/markings may be lost.

Repairs are done by hand, and can take 3-4 weeks



Finding books in your Bible can be tedious and time consuming. Index your Bible, and make finding passages in scripture faster and more convenient! Watch this Youtube video to see how we index the Bibles brought in.

Bible Repairs

For spines that are broken, we will remove the outer cover, and rebind it with a special method, and flexible glue, and then replace the outer with a synthetic leather cover.

Bible Index

Have your Bible thumb indexed, this will assist you in finding those smaller books (like the Prophets in the old Testament!) that you always have to search for.

Thumb indexing also help with those dog ears your Bible gets from flicking through the pages searching for the correct spot.

Bible Cover

We also make fitted Bible covers to size. Bring your Bible in for a quote

Bible Cover Colors

We have synthetic leather covers in a variety of colours. For any questions full out the form below.